Children’s Health Another Casualty Of Budget Cuts

That’s the most frightening part of it – the loneliness. When i would get angry or look at Kage or Mia and think that i couldn’t even stand the sight of them, I felt so alone. Like no one else can relate or understand – because “good” mothers don’t have these feelings.

Girl Power by the Department of health and human services is a fabulous web site for girls 9-12. There’s games and puzzles, activity books and scrap booking, and some candid discussions about feeling good about yourself.

OIf you have told your boss, ask for workplace changes that will make a difference to your health, for example starting a bit later so any sedative side effects have worn off.

My son Kage was 15 months old when i found out I was pregnant again. I had thrown myself wholeheartedly into the role of Kage’s mommy and now I had a new baby on the way. I honestly didn’t know how to be someone else’s mommy.

I began to feel like I was no longer a person – I was simply a caretaker and milk giver. By the time Mia was six months old I didn’t enjoy anything in my life, I felt a depth of rage that i had never experienced and i had a mind full of twisted, scattered thoughts.

ODo I need to retrain? Can i survive on a low income while I study? Am I studying in an area where there is a skills shortage and therefore more jobs with better pay?

This has been a great day. I’ve been in a good mood most of the day and i haven’t lost my temper (much) or my mind today. I actually played with both kids and enjoyed it. I set up an obstacle course for Kage and giggled while i climbed over boxes, under his little table, under Mia’s swing and stepped over the footstool with him. He enjoyed it. I was able to smile and revel in my baby girl’s laughter as I tickled and nuzzled her. I haven’t enjoyed her very much since her birth, so today was particularly sweet as I was able to appreciate my daughter while not getting angry at her for being a baby.